We use innovative facilitation methods to elicit the best thinking from your stakeholders.

Based on your needs, we design a custom engagement to help you:

  • gather and analyze citizen sentiment for improving services

  • evaluate relevant data and perspectives on the issue

  • synthesize inputs to inform policies and programs

  • build strong and trusting relationships with stakeholders

Our Community Engagement Toolkit

We use tried and true techniques, as well as innovative facilitation methods, for eliciting the best thinking from your stakeholders.

  • Design Better Gov Services with Design-Thinking Sprints
  • Seek Input in Budgeting with Participatory Budgeting
  • Evaluate Evidence with Participatory Data Analysis
  • Generate Broad Insights with Surveys
  • Dive Deeper in Specific Needs with Focus Groups

Marci Harris

CEO of PopVox
Virtual Participants
U.S. Congress
“Dr. Arvizu facilitated what may be one of the first-of-its kind virtual policy "design days." She helped our participants establish goals, define "users" and consider new ways to continuously incorporate the "SIDE" elements (stakeholders, individuals, data, and evidence) into policy implementation, refinement, and oversight."

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